Top Ten Tips to Create Great Energy in Your Home

Tip #1: Rearrange furniture to optimize the function and appeal of every room

It’s a whole new view when you pull furniture off the walls.
Ever walk into a room that feels more like a pass through space than a room to enjoy?

Do you have rooms in your home that function like a creepy storage shed that nobody wants to go into?

You’re responding to the energy in the space and there’s a simple remedy! Rearrange the furniture and watch things shift. Flow is everything!

When you’re bumping into furniture or tripping over things, it slowly erodes your daily flow and joy, sometimes without you even noticing it.

Every room in your home can feel inviting when you enter it, if there is an ease of movement and good traffic flow. Often, when I work with clients and ask how their furniture ended up where it did, I usually hear “That’s where the movers put it!” How funny!! All of us can grow accustomed to having things in a certain place simply from habit.

Angling large pieces directs energy flow and creates strong visual interest
It’s helpful to step back from a room both emotionally and physically and look it over with an objective viewpoint. Make it a priority today to look at your living space with new eyes.

Asking questions is key.
Is this room functioning well? Do I like this stuff? Does it make me happy to use it and look at it? What is really needed here? It’s worth doing this step because a home that is working for you, instead of the other way around, will support you in ways you never dreamed possible. I’ve seen first-hand the dramatic transformations in people’s outlook and the increase in their enjoyment of life once their rooms are rearranged to maximize flow and optimize energy. EVERYONE can live in a beautiful harmonious home without spending a fortune. That means YOU!

Balance a strong architectural feature with an equally weighted bold grouping of furniture
Every room is different but the basic ideas will apply to every space. First, by pulling the furniture off the wall, the room gains dimension and stops it from looking like a bowling alley. Entryways are often a neglected area and can be given importance with the addition of a chair or small table.

Second, angling larger pieces can dramatically direct flow and anchor a large unstructured room (think a huge family room or open loft space). Angling, if not overdone, can update a dining area or living space because it looks so fresh to the eye.

Thirdly, remember that balance is another key component in creating a great flowing space. If you have a large armoire on one side of your room, there needs to be an equally visually heavy counterpart on the room’s other side. Rooms that feel inviting and comfortable always have balance.

Also, if a room looks pretty, but feels uncomfortable or is not functional, no one will use it! Moving your furniture and possessions around will make you more aware of your space. It also gives you the permission to move out the things that no longer reflect you or to showcase an overlooked treasure in a new way. It’s your space, so ask ” Is this contributing to my life?” If you get “Yes!!”, it stays, if not move it out. If your furniture could talk what would it be saying?


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